visiting the antiques


As perfectly described by the author known simply as Elizabeth  …

“… I was idling in the library, not reading but [browsing through] the books, taking out first one and then another, dipping into them, deciding which I would read next …” and pulled this one off the shelf.

When we came across this version of Sir Walter Scott’s famous tale, with its stunning cover, in an antiques store, I snatched it up to add to the collection. The story was first published, in 1820, in 3 volumes. This edition (with Scott’s own footnotes) was published in 1830.



I first read this book, in paperback form no doubt, while commuting. I don’t remember whether it was during the hour-long bus rides to and from high school or the equally long subway/train rides to and from my after-college job in Washington, DC. But I do remember enjoying the story much more than I had expected to. It’s one of many that sit and wait in my to-be-read-again pile.

And I also love it simply as a gorgeous antique. Whether I read (or re-read) the books in our old-book-friends collection, I relish the chance to sit and visit with them, to (as Elizabeth described) “idle” in front of our bookcase, “taking out first one and then another [and] dipping into them.” Even if they do make me sneeze.

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