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We recently spent a day and a half on a road trip through southern Indiana. And one of our first stops was our favorite Madison bookstore to meet the Village Lights cats.

Trudy (Gerrtrude Stein to you and me) was feeling a little shy, so we only saw her briefly as she dashed through the Twain Room on her way to the employees-only room at the back of the building.

But hanging out in the Twain Room, grudgingly saying hello to admirers? Oscar Wilde, the original Village Lights cat.




And we also met green-eyed Alistair B. Toklas, who was definitely ready to enjoy ear rubs, but was definitely not willing to stray very far from the heater vent under the bookcases.




When you’re in or near Madison, stop in to meet the cats and buy a book or two.


Jennifer Singleton, blog author

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