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At the end of January 2017, we here in Lexington lost our beloved Morris Book Shop. But I kept hearing whispers and rumors that another local bookstore might be opening up “soon,” in the same walkable neighborhood where Morris had become a fixture.

And then, at the end of October, the rumors became reality when Brier Books (which had been an online and pop-up shop for most of the intervening ten months) settled into a cozy bungalow and opened its wooden door.



The space is much smaller than Morris had, but it features a sun porch with stained glass in the windows and two perfect little turquoise chairs, a (non-working) fireplace and, naturally, lots of books. Most, if not all, of those associated with Brier (owners and staff) are former Morris employees, so there’s always a familiar face to greet former Morris shoppers when they walk in.





Jennifer Singleton, blog author

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