The Captain’s Bookshelf


When we were in Asheville, North Carolina, last November, we paid a visit to the magnificent Battery Park Book Exchange. Afterward, we wandered out of the Grove Arcade, walked across the street, and discovered yet another bookstore.

Celebrating its 40th birthday in 2017, The Captain’s Bookshelf is another of Asheville’s many bookish gems.

The larger Battery Park may have coffee, snacks, wine, and dogs, but — to be perfectly honest — the smaller selection of used books at The Captain’s Bookshelf feels slightly less overwhelming.

In a single large room, they have old bookcases filled with beautiful antique children’s books, and shelf after shelf filled with intriguing titles on a variety of topics. Plus a few chairs so you can sit while you browse.



And because one of my criteria for deciding that a bookstore qualifies as a favorite is its level of coziness, I have tell you that The Captain’s overflow books — all the ones that won’t fit on the many shelves — are stacked companionably on the floor.



I can relate: in our house, books are arranged (somewhat) neatly on shelves, and not-so-neatly in cozy-looking piles.

What are your favorite ways to store, display and/or organize your books?

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