cat photographer & bookworm


You’re busy. And you’ve got things to do.

But on a rainy afternoon (heck, any afternoon), which “want to do” tops the list? Without question, it’s sitting in your favorite comfy chair, with a book in your hands and your cat snuggled up with you.

Believe me, you are not alone. That exact scenario is one of my favorite “to-do” items as well.



I’ll go ahead and admit it: I am not generally a photographer of people.

What I am is a photographer of quiet places and peaceful moments.

Say I’m somewhere enjoying a bit of uninterrupted peace and quiet and I want to take a memento photo of the place and the moment. I’ll often wait for people to step out of the frame before taking a picture.

What I want to come away with is an image — of a scene or even just details of a scene — that lets me remember a beautiful place as I would want to experience it: peacefully. Later, these images can do three miraculous things: trigger memories of a beautiful place and time … serve as a peaceful spot that I can imagine myself “stepping” into … and offer a welcome respite for my often-way-too-busy mind.

This, then, is what I offer. Heirloom prints, custom photography, and photo books, yes. But, more importantly, memories of — or an allusion to — calm, peaceful, beautiful moments. With cats, of course. Because as we all know, a house is not a home without cat hair on the furniture.

And don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I won’t photograph you with your pets. But know that when I do, the peaceful moment is not just a backdrop, you’re an inextricable part of it.



Here are nine more things you may want to know about me …


1) My husband and I and our three cats live in Lexington, Kentucky.


2) I picked up my first “real” camera more than thirty years ago and have been photographing animals professionally for more than ten years.


3) I will freely admit that I’m a crazy(-ish) cat lady, although “cat mom” sounds better, I think. Throughout my life, I’ve only not lived with cats twice: during college, and for a year or so between getting my first apartment and rescuing my first he’s-all-mine kitten from the shelter. At the moment, we have three cats at home, and I will happily chat all day with you about your cats, my cats, or anyone’s cats.


4) At large family gatherings, or parties at friends’ houses, I’m often the one who ends up sitting in a quiet corner, with one or all of the household’s pets sleeping in my lap.


5) I cannot pass up a good bookstore. And I have a huge pile (ok, several huge piles) of as-yet-unread books. One of my favorite moments after finishing a book is going through my pile(s) and deciding which one to read next.


6) Because I actively seek out peace and calm each day, I’ve found that I can easily (perhaps too easily, some days) focus on the One Calm Thing — a cup of tea, the cat in my lap, the leafy view outside, the book I’m reading — and completely tune out the dust bunnies lying in wait in the corners and the pile of mail on the dining room table and … and … and. (But I know this is a good thing; that, most days, the One Calm Thing matters so much more.)


7) I can’t read music. Or play a musical instrument. Or sing. But I adore classical music. And when I focus in and listen to it intently, I “hear” it as emotion and feeling and even sometimes as images.


8) I love office supplies and notebooks and beautiful stationery and fun pencils and pens in all sorts of colors.


9) Since I was little, I’ve always believed that ice cream is the perfect dessert. Because no matter how full you are, it just drips in around the edges. There’s always room for ice cream.



If you’d like to chat, please write to me directly at, or get in touch using the Contact form.


“Many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book.”
Jane Smiley