finding home



Is it a place? A feeling? Or some combination of the two?

Here’s what I believe: home is not necessarily one specific place. It’s wherever you’re most comfortable and where, or how, you find your greatest contentment and joy.



For me, “home” is our shady front porch, or the daybed in our library room, or sitting with the cats wherever they happen to be napping. Or it’s our favorite garden; or the forest path that leads to the creek; or a cool, shady, breezy spot where I could happily curl up with a book.

In these places, we can simply *be* — quiet and appreciative — while the beauty, peace, and contentment we find there works its magic to keep us centered, balanced, and grounded, no matter how busy the rest of our day or our week may be.

If being outside in nature serves as one of your variations of “home,” you probably know that the mere act of going for a walk outside — say, in the woods — offers your mind a soothing break. But did you know that even looking at images of these peaceful scenes offers your mind the same sort of rest?

We know this is true for images of nature, and I would propose that it’s also true for images of all the other places we call home — those spots where we feel the most peaceful and contented.


Here on the Novel Cat website, we focus on these places; these moments. And on the peace and calm to be found at home, in books, and with our cats.

We’re so glad you’re here, and we hope you’ll consider this space — and our Book Club — your virtual home-away-from-home as we explore how to be contented Novel Cats.

mug of tea