gallery show


I have a confession: even though I consider myself an avid reader, I occasionally go through periods where I read nothing. Yeah, not a single thing. My current reading lull is heading into a second (or possibly third already?) week.

Sometimes, I go on hiatus because I’ve just finished an exceptional book, and I need some time to process it all before moving on to something new. Or I may simply be too busy and not have (or make) enough reading time.

In this instance, though, my spare time has been consumed with getting ready for a gallery show featuring a baker’s dozen of my photographs. Earlier in the fall, I had pondered and contemplated and come up with an overall theme that would merge the seemingly too-different-to-go-together genres of cat photography and travel photography. And more recently, after selecting about fifteen photos, I’ve had them printed by my regular lab, and then had the prints matted and framed. Then it was time to design and order informational postcards to let folks know about the show. And on the back of those cards: my “artist’s statement” … how everything ties in with the overall theme, and what it means.

I’ve been keeping a running to-do list for the past month or so, but I’m diligently checking things off.

So without further ado: On display throughout January 2018, in the gallery space at the Kentucky Theater, here in Lexington …


“What do bookworms daydream about, you ask? If you’re a bookworm yourself, you already know …

“A comfy chair, a room full of books, and time to sit with the cat and read.

“Finding a perfect, cozy spot to relax with a drink, maybe even a snack, and pull a book out of your bag. Places to sit and read that could themselves be the setting of a fairytale.

“Discovering an exquisite garden or a secluded spot in the woods, noticing the path, and wondering where it goes. What new story might be waiting around the next bend?

“I hope these images remind viewers of all those wondrous places.”

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