introducing Annie


If you’ve been here before (before mid-March 2018, that is), you may have noticed a few changes on this current visit.

Your first clue that something’s different? Perhaps it was that that our sleepy home-page library cat, Miss Olive, and her books are now in full color. Which makes our name, in white, stand out a bit more than it did before.

And did you see that? Instead of The Single Frame, the website and blog (and all of our social-media channels) are now The Novel Cat.

To be clear, we haven’t changed.

We’re still the same bookish cat people we always were, focused on quiet moments and cozy spots to enjoy some reading and/or kitty snuggle time. Through stories and images, we continue to celebrate the Story of Home.

Our new name simply brings us one step closer to fully embracing – and sharing – the complete story of the books that move us, the quiet spaces that inspire us, the everyday beauty that surrounds us, and the cats we love.

And no name change would be complete without a new mascot.

What else could ours possibly be but a bookworm kitty, of course? Her full name is Ann Tabitha Cat, but you can call her Annie.


mug of tea