kitten update


Remember my mentioning that our recently adopted kitten, Max, had apparently come to us with a contagious skin condition and had then gone into quarantine along with his big brother, Leo, while we spent all of our free time doing laundry and disinfecting the house? And that we were then in (what we thought was) the final week of their 5-week treatment? It turned out they needed a second round of treatment and, in the end, the Kitten Quarantine saga stretched to more than three months.

But now – finally – our sweet, adorably soft, often wet (he loves playing in water?!), rambunctious kitten has been out of quarantine for about six weeks. He’s healthy and happily galloping through the house, barreling up and down the stairs, playing with his toys, and wrestling with Leo.

And the humans in the house are grateful for a little extra free time each day, less laundry, more sleep, the healing power of time and patience, and frequent nose boops from this little guy …



If you have cats (or dogs) at home, be sure to give them a hug.


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