a tale of two kittens


To see them play together, wrestle, wash each other, and sleep near each other, paws sometimes touching, you’d never guess that our kittens Leo and Olive aren’t littermates. And they even look so much alike that, at first glance, we sometimes have trouble knowing who’s who.

But these two are, in fact, not related.

Needless to say, they’ll be pros at this modeling-for-the-camera thing in no time.

Here’s fluffy little Leo (Emperor Leopold the Magnificent), with his sweet round kitten face and his big round kitten eyes. He loves getting belly rubs and playing with his toy mice.


Emperor Leopold the Magnificent


And this is Leo’s little sister, Miss Olive. She’s a tiny kitten with a loud meow, a really loud purr, and a pointy little chin. Her triangular face and big ears make her look like she’s descended from an Egyptian cat goddess. I get the impression she’ll grow up to boss all of us around at every opportunity, so I think she’d like that idea.


Miss Olive


I’m looking forward to creating artwork featuring these two sweet kittens for the walls of our own home. And I would love to help you create gorgeous artwork featuring your adorable fur-kids, for the walls of your home or office. To get started, get in touch using the contact form.

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