Novel Cat photo sessions

I’ll bet you have a multitude of cat photos on your phone. I certainly do.

But as a bookworm, I would much rather flip through my cats’ portraits in an actual book, instead of just scrolling through digital snapshots.

What’s that? You’d rather turn the pages of an actual book, too? How about a hand-crafted photo book featuring exquisite portraits of your cat … something to pick up off of a bookshelf or coffee table and look through whenever you like, and to treasure for years to come?

We offer two different in-home photo sessions for your cat(s), and included with each one is a hand-crafted photo book.

The end result of our Short Story session is a beautiful book featuring ten to twelve images of your cat(s), a mix of portraits and storytelling images, all of which I will have perfected in my digital darkroom. The book itself, hand-crafted here in the U.S., measures 5x7 inches and has ten lay-flat spreads (twenty pages). The cost for a Short Story session & book is 599.

If you’d prefer a longer, more in-depth session, where we capture not only cat portraits but a more complete Story of {your} Home, you’ll want the Epic session. The epic end result: a 9x12-inch book with fifteen spreads (thirty pages) that will feature about fifteen to twenty images. Portraits, photo essays, and close-up details of your cat(s) and your home. The cost for an Epic session & book is 1299.



Once you’ve admired your photo-session book (and realize that you want to display some of the images as well), you’ll have the opportunity to order any of the photos in your book as small gift prints to share and/or heirloom prints to frame and hang. Prices for these additional products start at 299. (Digital files are not included in any session.)

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“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”  — Leonardo daVinci

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