our cats’ modeling career


At first glance, our two young cats look very similar. When we first brought Olive home, in fact, we were a bit worried that we’d have trouble telling them apart (and, to be honest, we did run into that problem for a while).

But they are soooo different that, now, there’s no mistaking who’s who.

Not only do they have distinct personalities, but they actually do look quite different, too.

Olive has short, silky fur; a short tail; and an angular face, with a pointy chin and almond-shaped green eyes. While Leo has thick, fluffy fur; a long, fluffy tail; and a round kitten face with big, round, yellow eyes.

Olive is gorgeously exotic-looking, and Leo is, quite simply, adorable.

And I’m doing my very best to turn them both into my professional models.

They’re taking to their modeling career really well, I’d say.

But let me know what you think …

First, here’s sweet Olive on the living room sofa.


Olive the tabby cat, posing on a sofa


Then, here are three views of Leo on one of his favorite tables.

What’s that? You say I’ve placed him on a pedestal?


cat on a pedestal - getting a good start on his modeling career

brown tabby cat

tabby cat looking thoughtful


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Marcel Proust

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Neil Gaiman

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Carlos Ruiz Zafón

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Elizabeth von Arnim