What is a Novel Cat?


You may be wondering: What is a Novel Cat, anyway?

Well, for a start, we’re book people. Readers of classics and novels, histories and memoirs, poetry and mysteries and biographies.

Beyond that, in our approach to reading (and life, if we’re being totally honest), we’re inspired by contented house cats.



But what exactly does that mean, you ask?

You know you’re getting inspiration from the cat when you’re an expert at finding — or creating — the comfiest, coziest corners in the house … or, if you’re more of an indoor/outdoor cat, the loveliest, quietest, shadiest spots outside.

You crave stillness and quiet; naps and reading time. Contentment.

The main thing about being a Novel Cat, though? It’s not just an end goal; it’s a deliberate, continual practice. Wherever you are in your journey to find more contentment, we’re here to remind each other of the joys of simply grabbing a book and finding your cozy spot.

Our mantra?

mug of tea