we have a new kitten!


We here at Novel Cat HQ adopted a kitten!

Please meet our baby boy, Maximilian II …



Of course, this addition means I haven’t found much time for reading lately.

But as a friend and fellow bookaholic said recently, “Given a choice between kittens and books, always pick the kitten.”

Yes, we’re avid readers. And we know what a marvelous pastime a good book can be; that reading is one of the best ways to relax, escape, travel, explore, and learn.

But there’s something undeniably relaxing and restorative, too, about simply sitting outside to enjoy a breeze, taking a minute or two to sit with the cat or, yes, playing with a kitten. And if you have a book with you, or within easy reach, in case that quiet moment stretches into fifteen or thirty minutes or more? Well, that’s a double bonus.

mug of tea